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January 21, 2019

UK Hit With 10 Million Cyberattacks Per Month!

Almost 30m cyberattacks were carried out in the UK during Q4 2018 according to new research from the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.

Criminals favored web browsers as their primary method for spreading malicious programs in the UK and the firm detected and defended against over 12.1m different cyber threats between October and December of last year!

The number of attacks that occurred in the UK puts the country in 125th place worldwide when it comes to how dangerous it is to surf the web.

The most common tactics used by cybercriminals to carry out attacks via browsers were implementing infections that exploited vulnerabilities in browsers and their plug-ins and social engineering. Social engineering includes phishing which is a semi-targeted attack and spear phishing which is more focused.

In 2005, when this method became popular, perpetrators often didn’t use perfect grammar and as a result, it was generally easy to notice something was wrong with the correspondence in question.

Sadly, these cyberthieves have gotten a lot better – probably because the opportunity is just so massive to trick unsuspecting people. They are so good in fact they recently were able to trick a number of workers at Wichita State University who lost their paychecks as a result.

The employees were victims of an e-mail phishing scheme, which asked them to type in their university ID number and password, allowing scammers to access bank account numbers, student records and other personal information, according to university officials.

Lois Tatro, WSU’s associate vice president of financial operations, said in an e-mail to employees Wednesday that “a handful of employees had their direct deposit payroll diverted to another bank account, losing their full payroll amount.”

The bottom line is the same as always – attacks are getting more frequent, more targeted and more difficult to spot.

The weakest link in cybersecurity is employees who click and compromise their own bank accounts, the company’s databases or even the ability for the company’s ability to function at all.

PHISH360 gives every company a free way to test employees by sending them anti-phishing behavior management messages (APBM). If they’re fooled, they receive training and the company is notified.

Organizations must reduce phishing effectiveness by using cost-effective behavior management tools or be at increasing risk.

For the first time ever, an enterprise-quality solution is available for any company to try, with no cost or obligation.

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