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March 12, 2020

Top 5 Wuhan CoronaVirus Teleworking Tech Tips

As the Wuhan CoronaVirus has been classified as a pandemic, concern has grown as to how to deal with the problem and keep workers safe. Many organizations are considering work-from-home policies. Even those that do not, will have to cope with the increasing number of school closings. For example, Stamford, Connecticut announced today schools will be closed for an indefinite amount of time.

In addition, there is a chance for more quarantines.

BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE: Westchester County Police have just shut down Glen Island Park, site of COVID-19 Mobile Testing Site for New Rochelle Containment Site (about 4 miles away). Heavy equipment rolling in, lights, more. pic.twitter.com/lF3TTP7IPB

— Talk of the Sound ???? (@TalkoftheSound) March 12, 2020

In New Rochelle, New York, a suburb of Manhattan, the National Guard has set up a one-mile containment area where they are delivering food to those quarantined. This was as a result of a 50-year-old lawyer, who was later hospitalized with COVID-19 who had attended local events.

The question now is how does your organization deal with teleworking in your organization.

Here are the Top 5 Wuhan CoronaVirus Teleworking Tech Tips:

1) The biggest challenge when working from home is using the technology which exists there. This could be a shared computer, shared WiFi, etc. When the primary work computer has also been used by people who have not had cybersecurity training, the chance for infection increases dramatically. Has the machine been patched? If so when? In addition, these devices may not have proper antivirus and antimalware solutions. Using such a device as a work computer can lead to passwords being stolen and eventually hackers finding their way onto the organization’s network.

2) Even if the computer at home is virus-free, it can be slow as it is rarely used and hasn’t been upgraded in some time. As it becomes a primary work machine, it may need to be replaced and set up to allow serious work.

3) In addition, the organization’s network has to be set up properly with security and bandwidth to allow workers to have similar levels of performance they experience int heir offices. This may mean an upgrade to switches, routers, firewalls, additional licenses for remote desktops or other solutions that are used.

4) Collaboration tools should be used to ensure there is ample productivity when home workers are trying to get their work done. As more schools close and sporting events get canceled, having a family in one’s home while trying to work means more distractions. In order to maximize productivity, asynchronous tools like Slack or Microsoft and Cisco Teams need to be considered.

5) To keep a sense of cohesion, videoconferencing solutions like those from LifeSize, 8x8 and Zoom should be considered. The organization should set a single standard to avoid the proliferation of solutions with different user interfaces. This will be a huge time-saver if done early.

In short, as the effects of the pandemic spread, organizations must realize they are going to have to deal with outside devices and networks. As a result, they will have to deal with potential bandwidth, computer speed and cybersecurity issues as soon as they can, to ensure the organization can run smoothly.

The more advance planning, that can be done, the better. Many of our customers are going through this transition now and the experts here at Apex Technology Services are here to help as we all deal with the global pandemic while trying to stay healthy and productive.

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