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August 04, 2016

Three Must-Watch Cybersecurity TED Talks

Using the Internet is a bit like swimming at the beach. Most beachgoers, in other words, will only venture a few feet offshore, without paying any mind to dangers like sharks or rip currents.  

Likewise, the Internet is full of nasty, invisible threats. Hackers, for instance, can break into your computer and spy on you through your Web cam. They can also use ransomware to extort you, or seize control of your machine and use it to perform a wide range of nefarious tasks without you ever knowing.

The Web may seem safe as you check your email and read the news, but trust us: There is a dark and dangerous underbelly lurking just below the surface. And if you choose to ignore it, you will only do so at your own risk.

In light of this, it’s every person’s responsibility to educate themselves about the basics of cybersecurity. You don’t have to stop using the Web, but it’s vital to know what dangers you are up against. And there’s no better way to start than by immersing yourself in some fascinating TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks.

So clear a few hours in your schedule, make some microwave popcorn and check out these must-watch cybesecurity TED talks:

The 1s and 0s behind cyber warfare (with Chris Domas)

The term “cyber warfare” is just about everywhere these days. But what exactly is cyber warfare? In this TED talk, cybersecurity researcher Chris Domas boils this nebulous term down to  its most basic elements: 1s and 0s, or binary code, which is the language that computers use to think. Domas explains how cyber researchers study raw binary code to recognize patterns which are critical for performing defensive and offensive cybermaneuvers. Watch this TED talk, and walk away with a fresh perspective of just how vast the topic of cyberwar is. 

Everyday cybercrime – and what you can do about it (with James Lyne)

Are you out of touch with cybercrime? If so, go down the rabbit hole with cybersecurity specialist James Lyne. In this presentation, Lyne explains just how sophisticated today’s cybercriminals have become. It’s a terrifying, but necessary, foray into the darker regions of the Web where organized criminals are using advanced forms of malware to not only steal information, but also to remotely control machines and exploit companies and end users alike. Fair warning: After Lyne’s presentation, you will never think about the Internet the same way again. For example, Lyne mentions how about 80 percent of malware infections originate from small business websites—not from those containing illicit material! 

Hackers: the Internet’s immune system (with Keren Elazari)

Hackers are “bad guys,” right? Well, not all of them. In this thought-provoking—and somewhat encouraging—TED talk, cybersecurity expert Keren Elazari provides a different perspective on hacking by explaining how some hackers are actually working to fight corruption and expose critical network vulnerabilities. Elazari argues that hackers are actually improving the Internet, by forcing organizations to be more responsible about the data that they keep and by forcing developers to think harder about building secure networks. Of course, the Web is also full of many criminals who are up to no good, but there may be an important place for hackers after all.

We encourage you to not only watch these great TED talks, but also to share them with your colleagues. In doing so, you will help spread cybersecurity awareness and make your company a safer place.

As a next step, you should also consider training your employees to stay safe online. Apex Technology Services—premier computer consultants serving Fairfield County and New York City—offers a comprehensive training program for educating end users about online risks. Apex will work with your employees to bring them up to speed on what they should avoid online. It’s a great program for users of all skill levels.

By training your employees, you will reduce the risk of suffering from a potentially devastating cybersecurity attack. You can learn more about Apex’s training program by clicking here.

And in the meantime, here is some extra reading material for you:

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