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February 06, 2017

Mozilla Claims Half of the Internet is Now Encrypted

It’s not easy to find a positive cybersecurity statistic these days. As we pointed out last week, for instance, one third of small businesses still have no idea what a ransomware attack is. Over a fifth of businesses lost customers after a data breach last year. And stolen W-2s are now being sold online for as little as $4 each.

Yes, the headlines have been dismal recently. But today, there is positive news to celebrate:

According to Mozilla, half of the Internet is now encrypted.

In other words, more websites are now delivered via the encrypted HTTPS protocol instead of the simple HTTP format. When a page is encrypted, that means it’s coded in a special way that prevents unauthorized third parties from tampering with it.

It’s easy to tell whether a page is encrypted or not. Simply look to the left of a website’s URL. You will either see a small green lock with the word “secure” next to an HTTPS connection or an “X” next to an HTTP connection, meaning the page is unencrypted.

Of course, the discovery from Mozilla is a small victory in the war for cybersecurity. And don’t let it give you a false sense of security online, as an HTTPS connection is not strong enough to protect against all types of cyberthreats.  However, encryption is still a basic — and important — security tool that all websites should be offering. As a general rule of thumb, you should never transmit sensitive data over a website that is not encrypted. So it’s encouraging to learn about this discovery.

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