Services Overview

Choose from a variety of support plans & packages that can be customized to your individual needs.

  • Purchase blocks of time
  • Comprehensive IT support package
  • Unlimited 24/7 support.

Apex matches your needs with our expertise, tools and methodologies to streamline the management of your computer systems. You select the right flexible service plans that allows you to purchase only the services you need.

Apex Technology Services offers an advanced Network Operating Center (NOC) that is available 24x7x365. All calls are answered by a live representative and our Help Desk is fully staffed with certified technicians and supported by team of experienced engineers. Our NOC is located in North America so you are always guaranteed 100% U.S. based support. The Apex team of engineers has years of experience and always maintains a professional and friendly attitude.

You’ll quickly feel like we are an extension of your own team.

Apex engineers have extensive experience in Windows, Linux, Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, Terminal Server, firewalls, VoIP, Cloud and other IT-related technologies. They will work with you to solve current IT issues, but can also review your existing IT infrastructure holistically and make recommendations to reduce cost and increase productivity.

24x7 Help Desk

Apex Technology Services offers an advanced Network Operating Center (NOC) that is available 24x7x365. All calls are answered by a live representative and our Help Desk is fully staffed with ...Learn more about 24x7 Help Desk

Managed Servies

Apex Technology Services offers an array of best of breed managed services. We offer hosted email, online backup, website hosting network monitoring, cloud services and more...Learn more aboutManaged Servies

On-site Support

Apex Technology Services has a full staff of network engineers that are available for a rapid response should you need onsite assistance. Sometimes, technology problems cannot...Learn more about On-site Support

Project Management

Apex Technology Services offers a team of project engineers with extensive experience in organizing and configuring resources to achieve project goals. Our engineers work closely with our clients to meet ... Learn more about Project Management


Apex Technology Services offers a wide range of virtualization solutions. Virtualization enables you to centralize administrative tasks while aiding in rapid scalability. ... Learn more about Virtualization

Network Assessment

Whether you are looking to build a new network from the ground up or you are looking for an IT expert to review your existing strategy...Learn more about Network Assessment

Financial Services

Apex Technology Services knows that when it comes to business, everyone is looking to save money without sacrificing performance and functionality. This is why Apex has designed our financial services program to target just that.....Learn more about Financial Services

Network Monitoring

Apex Technology Services monitors customers' infrastructure 24/7 to identify and remediate problems as they arise – often before a client is aware of an issue...Learn more about Network Monitoring

Hardware and Software

Apex Technology Services is able to procure hardware and software for our customers taking the guess and leg work out of it. Due to our many vendor relationships, Apex is able to negotiate on behalf of the client and ...Learn more about Hardware and Software


Apex Technology Services understands how important web visibility is to a business’s success. This is why Apex offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to...Learn more about SEO

Web Design

Apex Technology Services offers a highly skilled team of web designers. Allow our team of web designers to create an aesthetically pleasing website that will give your business a clean... Learn more about Web Design


Apex Technology Services offers a variety of VoIP solutions. Voice over IP technologies are a way companies can reduce TCO (Total Cost Ownership). Apex is able to offer...Learn more about VoIP

Video Surveillance

Apex Technology Services is able to offer a variety of video surveillance solutions. With the advent of IP cameras and digital recording to hard drives, video surveillance is relatively inexpensive. IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders ...Learn more about Video Surveillance